Ceiling electric TV inside inverter with Remote control for 47" 50" 55" 65" TV 


Our stylish ceiling screen lifts are fully motorised, and can be operated via a remote control

Perfect for homes and hotel rooms alike, these units are a must have for any modern establishment.


1. Vertical direction of 105 ° (which can be directly with the remote control can be fine-tuning flip Angle)


2. Mounting hole spacing of the fuselage: 500*140mm


3. Expansion size: 700(L)x 190(W)*x680(H)mm


4. 32 "42"/42"-56" LCD TV sets


5. Power supply  : 220V


6. Motor power: 120W



Fixed TV Mount
Tilt TV Mount
Full Motion TV Mount
Projector Ceiling Mount

Frank Fung
Jessica Fung
Mandy Chen
Lucy Lin
Sybil Zheng